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We automate the process of maintaining furnace filters in your home

Furnace Filters

The most important and most overlooked part of your home heating system. Furnace filters need to be replaced on a regular basis. Without proper maintenance, your furnace filter will become clogged and dirty preventing air from passing through it. This can lead to furnace overheating and large repair and replacement bills.

But there’s no single answer to ‘how often you should change your furnace filter. Every home runs their HVAC unit for different amounts of time, and every home has a unique amount of dirt, dust, pet dander and allergens in the air. These are the things that most impact how long a filter lasts.

What We Do

We use an innovative process that tracks and alerts you to your furnace maintenance requirements.

Maintenance Reminders

Enter your furnace make, model, and year, and we will alert you when your filters require replacing

Purchase Replacements

We source replacement filters with options to purchase at leading prices right from the app

Save You Money

Our service is free to use and saves you money and time and helps prevent costly repair bills.


We provide a free service for homeowners to help keep track of their furnace filter replacement needs, based on manufacturers best practice guidelines.

These factors all play a role in when your filter will need to be replaced. When you create your free user profile, we will ask for this information. Then our unique algorithm will calculate based on your individual needs. 

We can send email reminders, SMS text reminders or integrate right with your calendar to ensure you know when to replace your filter.

We can take care of that for you too! We work with leading furnace filter manufacturers and resellers to find the best pricing and get replacements shipped to your door, just when you need them!

It’s easy to do yourself and we can provide tips and tricks. If DIY is not your thing, we can provide you with a list of leading furnace repair people in your location to help.

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